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9 Essential Features of an E-Commerce Website

9 Essential Features of an E-Commerce Website

In just about anything in this world, there are things that it must possess in order for it to be successful. With regards to an e-commerce website such as the website design and development, for example, it has to have features that will elevate the user experience. Today, I am going to be talking about some must-have features that should be present in an online shopping portal.

1.Clean Website Design

Think of your website as your actual shop- like a brick-and-mortar variety. You want to make sure that it looks beautiful, right? A website’s aesthetics will signal to the potential customer what kind of brand you are. If you design a good website, chances are that people will love you for it and will be willing to spend their time browsing the products that you have on offer. Make sure that your website is devoid of any unnecessary elements. Keep it clean and simple.

2.High-Quality Photos

Your customers will have no way of telling what you are selling if you do not provide images. But, do not add just about any photo; you have to make sure that it has topnotch quality. You may want to get some professional photography equipment for this as you want to upload only the best shots on your website.

3.Easy Web Navigation

Website navigation is another thing that you should keep in mind. Make it easy for your customers to navigate their way on your website. Use menus and breadcrumbs to help make the navigation easier. Not only will this provide benefit for your customers but it will also make your website more appealing to search engines as well.

4.Customer-Driven Content

Your goal is to be able to provide quality service to your customers. And, truth be told, most of your customers may not know everything about the products that you offer.
Suppose that your selling car engines. That topic alone requires some technical knowledge, but if you can create content pieces that are easy to read and are geared towards the general population, then that would provide you with great benefit.

5.In-Depth Product Descriptions

Many online entrepreneurs just copy and paste what their suppliers tell them about their product, but that doesn’t really bode well for your customers.
Provide accurate and detailed descriptions so that your customers will really know what they’re spending their money on.


You can increase your profits even further when someone purchases items from you by providing them with products related to what they’ve just bought.

7.Amazing Customer Support

Customers might have some problems and they expect that they can get a hold of your customer support. Provide them with good service in this regard and you will experience more repeat sales.


People want to know where their package is at this point, so you want to give them the information that they need. Allow them to track their products so that they will know when it will arrive. Propose Your Value Proposition Why should people buy from you and not from others? Tell them what your business represents and pitch your value proposition.

9.Easy Checkout

Want to know a way to minimize or eliminate cart abandonment? Have an easy checkout process.

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