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Are Watches Becoming Obsolete?

Are Watches Becoming Obsolete?

There is an ongoing argument as to which is better: A Watch or a smartphone, in terms of telling the time of course. On one end, an automatic watch looks more appealing, is more stylish, and is usually devoid of features that will not distract you from doing the things that you need to do. On the other end, smartphones can do a lot of things. They not only help you tell the time but you can also send emails, communicate with your loved ones through social media, make calls or texts, and so much more. This is definitely a controversial topic but this truly begs the question: Are watches becoming obsolete?

Why People Think Watches Are Outdated

There are groups of people that say that traditional watches no longer have a place in society in this day and age. Some say that smartphones are vastly superior because it can do a whole lot more than just to tell the time.
In addition, because smartphones can be connected to the internet, their timekeeping functionality is always going to be on point because it will ping the servers to provide accurate time, all the time. This is also reflected by the fact that people buy smartphones more than watches. In fact, there is a huge decline in traditional watch sales and a huge increase in smartphone sales.

Why Traditional Watches Are Here to Stay

Watches are here to stay for a variety of reasons. For one, they are more convenient in telling the time than smartphones. Sure, you can have a smartphone right in your hand, but do you absolutely do that 100% of your waking hours? I don’t think so. If you want to know what the time is, a simple flick of your wrist should provide you with the means of telling what the current time is. Aside from that, watches are quite stylish. A dress watch, for instance, is definitely an accessory that can help you look dapper than a person not wearing a stylish timepiece.

Another reason why watches are here to stay is that they do not have battery problems at all. Even a simple quartz watch that you can buy for $5 will be more accurate than a smartphone and will not require charging or changing of the battery in a couple of years. That is not true for smartphones. Because the phone’s features eat a lot of battery, the device’s battery life can last up to 2 days at best.

A traditional watch can also be a great gift that you can pass on to your children or grandchildren. An heirloom watch, you could say, will stand the test of time. A smartphone is usually obsolete in a few years’ time. That is especially even more so if you are only buying a midrange phone as opposed to a flagship device.


If you are a watch enthusiast or connoisseur, you need not worry as watches are here to stay. They still provide so much value even in the age where smartphones have become quite ubiquitous.

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