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Buying Shoes a Child with Autism

Buying Shoes a Child with Autism

Are you thinking of purchasing new baby shoes in Malaysia for your kid? If your child has autism, shopping can be a bit stressful. The best options for many parents? Take note of the feet size before leaving home, or shop online. Sizing is very important. To ensure utmost comfort, pay close attention to the width and length of your kid’s foot. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Look for shoes in different styles and colors, or with cartoon characters your kid loves.
  2. Find a specific shoe that is easy and fast to take on and off independently. It’s best to avoid buckles and laces for now. 
  3. Consider the type of shoe your child is currently wearing. If she loves wearing flip flops, consider a new comfortable pair of baby sandals
  4. If it’s possible to get an additional pair, consider different types of baby shoes, from boots to sneakers. At the end of the day, you would want to establish flexibility and tolerance to different kinds of footwear. 

Keeping the shoes on.

Once you get the right kind of shoe, encourage your kid to wear them for longer periods of time. From 10 seconds to 15 seconds, it’s best to keep a digital timer so your daughter can monitor the time. So, how can you encourage them? Use a small reward system for the completion of every time interval. From her favorite baby activities to small sweet treats, you will surely motivate her. 

Set practice sessions each day. For short intervals, you can try many sessions every day. After that, begin engaging your child to exciting activities while she is wearing her new shoes. Soon, she would forget that she is wearing them.

Make her new shoes a part of her everyday dressing.

After establishing tolerance to wearing the new shoe around your home, it’s time to make it a part of her regular dressing routine. Let her wear it all throughout the day.

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