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Is There a Sure Strategy That Will Help You Win at Roulette Every Time?

Is There a Sure Strategy That Will Help You Win at Roulette Every Time?

A lot of people who frequently play in actual casinos or online casinos would usually look for strategies to help them win. Although there are some casino games that will allow you to win by following a certain strategy, that is not really true when it comes to playing the game of roulette.

Sure, there are some strategies that you can follow but for the most part, luck is still involved in this game. Even though that is the basic premise of casino games, in roulette, that is even more so.

In other words, there is no strategy that will actually help guarantee a win when you’re playing at the roulette, but again, this is not to say that no strategy works. In fact, in this article, I will go over a set of strategies that you can still use, though I would not advise that you count on it 100%.

The ‘Numbers’

This is probably the most used strategy when playing at the roulette table. This is basically where players would guess at what specific number the white ball could potentially land on.

Since most players are superstitious, they would usually use numbers that have a significant meaning to them. For instance, they might use the number corresponding to their birth months or perhaps they use their wedding anniversary date and use that as the number.

Keep in mind that although it is fun to use this strategy, it will not guarantee a winning result.

The Odd/Even Bet

It is important to keep in mind that no matter what strategy you end up using when you are playing the game of roulette, the house edge would still be at 5.26%. That means that if you are going to win $100, $5.26 of that would be given to the casino and there is nothing that you can do about it.

That being said, the odd/even bet or what others would call the coin flip bet, is another strategy that you can use. This is also quite popular since the odds of winning the game are 50/50.

The odd or even bet, specifically, is where you will tell the dealer that any odd or even number that the ball could potentially land on is a win for you. Although that may seem to feel that doing this bet increases your odds, it doesn’t.

Aside from the odd/even bet, a similar premise is also followed when you go for the 1- 18/19-36 bet. You basically place a bet on either the numbers that range from 1-18 or those that range from 19-36, effectively still giving you a 50% chance of winning.

The Martingale

You’ve probably heard of the Martingale System before- either from someone who has played casino games or from the movies.

Essentially, what this system implies is that you should double down on your bet when you lose in the hopes of recouping everything back when you win.

This system should only be played if your only intention is to have fun. That is because although the system may seem logical at first, you are going to quickly find out that you are not really going to recoup all of your losses because your bets could always outpace your potential winnings.

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