The Basics of Website Hosting
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The Basics of Website Hosting

The Basics of Website Hosting

Do you want your new ecommerce website to be successful in the long run? Then, you need more than just a strong digital marketing strategy. You need to work with a top host in Malaysia, and purchase a reliable web hosting plan that can satisfy the needs of your business. Don’t worry. There are 

Think of this as your website’s house. The server of your web host function as a storage space for all of your website data. Without quality hosting service and domain name, no person would ever find your website in the digital landscape.

The Different Types of Web Hosting Providers

Now that you completely understand the significance of website hosting, it’s time to familiarize yourself with its main types. Each one has its pros and cons, so thorough research is important before purchasing a plan. 

  • Shared web hosting

Shared hosting means that you are sharing the same server space to lots of other websites. Since you are splitting the resources to other users, it’s generally the most affordable option. Its main downside is that your website performance is guaranteed to be impacted negatively. This is because you are sharing resources with other users. 

  • Dedicated web hosting

Once you sign up for a reliable dedicated hosting plan, the entire physical server is solely dedicated to your website’s needs. No other website can impact your performance, so you are free to customize the server in whatever way you want. Also, the environment is a lot more secure. In this type of set up, the only downside is its expensive cost. 

  • VPS web hosting

If you love the idea of using a dedicated sever, but you don’t have the budget, VPS is a good option you should look into. Basically, it is the middle ground of shared and dedicated server. This type of hosting allows a user to share a physical server with other people, though you will get your very own dedicated part of the resources. 

  • Cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is a bit similar to shared hosting, but instead of sharing a single physical server, people share several banks of servers, usually spread out in many geographic locations. 

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